DC NEW NEW Episode 35!

Ok, a new DCNN. Hopefully you’ve noticed the much shorter and more easily digestible episodes. We had a few technical difficulties the last few eps, but hopefully we’ve resolved most of them. This week is the last issue of DCNN quasi-favorite Blackhawks as well as the week when Eric finally gave up on The Flash! And a classic DC moment this week, as an Ed Benes imitator draws an individual asking a question to Red Lantern Bleeze’s vagina – and her ass answers! Who says this isn’t the Marvel Age of comics?

As usual, DCNN offers an insightful, humorous, and partially cranky review of each week of the DC relaunch in it’s first year, covering it issue by issue.


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DC NEW NEW Episode 34!


And so we’re back. From outer space. We roll back around to a fairly generic release week, but featuring the always heated Wonder Woman discussion! Does the floor made of people make up for the complete subjugation of women so far in this series to Eric? Will Brandan care? The answer to both will not surprise you, but it’s a hoot to hear them get there. Also the best AND worst Supergirl so far, depending on who you ask. And the last part of the Challengers of the Unknown in DC Universe Presents is just barely remembered! And you know how we love that piece of business.

As usual, we cover every issue of the DC relaunch for the first year, now in week 34.



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DC NEW NEW Episode 33!

So bear with us for length (and potentially mixing up our weeks) as Frankie rejoins the cast for this one. We cover some more last issues this week, and have trouble with our picks. Stick it out!



Bonus! Issue of Nightforce we missed (#2). With bonus random terrifying screams of an infant in the background!


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DC NEW NEW Episode 32!

A mixed up, crazy week! Join Eric & Brandan for the latest, including getting into the first of many upcoming crossover we were NOT promised. We alternately describe the Rise of the Vampires opening salvos (after the prologues that inexplicably didn’t count last month) as “best characterization in the series yet” and “super weak, super terrible.” And Legion: Secret Origin finally ends! And everything else reviewed as well!




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Graphic Sequential vs. The Avengers: The Incredible Hulk (Review)

Angela: Hey.

Eric: Tonight – Incredible Hulk and Waffle Sandwiches (but these are just for us)! How are you Angela?

Angela: I’m ready for round 2 M’er F’er!1

Eric: Released the same summer as Iron Man, Incredible Hulk has a generally mixed reputation amongst filmgoers and the fandom. “Everyone” likes it (because it’s the Hulk), but everyone doesn’t love it. Turns out it’s hard to make Hulk fans happy. Angela, you liked the first one, Ang Lee’s  Hulk. Want to fill us in about why?

Angela: I like Eric Bana as Hulk. He seems to be more of a pleasant guy who turns into a monster. As opposed to Ed Norton, who just seems like Ed Norton turned into a big ultra veiny super CG monster. I also like the artsy cinematography of the first one. It had a lot of really nice cutting and fading. And all in all it seemed to take itself less seriously, which I think is kind of necessary when you are dealing with the Hulk. But it does seem like the general consensus is that people do not like the EB version.



Eric: That’s funny, I think the first one was all serious business, that’s why I love it. I do think you’re hitting on something though – it’s not so much that this one takes itself too seriously for me, but really it’s just that it’s so straightforward. It has almost no interest in really exploring the ideas behind the concept, the story or the characters. I think it works fine as a demonstration for the characters and a forward-momentum-oriented action film and I find it enjoyable. I think the drawback is that in TIH you get a two hour movie that has no story or plot.

Angela: Hmm maybe I need to see the first one again. Though that movie starts with the credits as bouncing and fading titles, and then star wipe and start movie. How can we think it tales itself that seriously?

Eric: The Ang Lee Hulk is all about the motherfucking star wipes and I love it! Ok let’s a party going.

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DC NEW NEW Episode 31!

This is it, the last week of DCNN favorite Hawk & Dove! Cry along with the guys as we realize we’ll never again wonder about the president’s genitalia, never see the dogshit fairy again, and never see such awkward battles in negative space! It’s Eric and Brandan for this one and they promise optimism! Will they succeed? Maybe… I mean this is also the last week of Static and OMAC, so shit there might just be a Santa Claus after all…


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Graphic Sequential vs. The Avengers: Iron Man (Review)


Eric: The Avengers is coming out in a few weeks, and we at Graphic Sequential decided what better way to celebrate than to review the entire series up to date, one movie at a time, with MASSIVE articles. Let’s not beat around the bush – you know me as the resident jerkoff around here and joining me is Angela Gilmore, of workingonworkingmom.com. She’s got little to no knowledge of the source material, and I’ve got little to no knowledge of anything but.

Angela: Hi.

Eric: You seem, can I say, so excited.

Angela: I’m pretty excited. To be here.

Eric: On your couch at home?

Angela: Yes on my couch at home.

Eric: The Avengers is a milestone, not only because it’s a victory for corporate synergy and long term merchandising, but also on a non-cynical, technical level. It’s not just that all of the movies are independent from one another but form a film franchise based solely on shared continuity – they’re actually more or less pretty decent movies!

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National Comics: The Greatest Comic Ever

On April 9th, DC Comics (check the blurb) announced a new upcoming title called “National Comics”. This new book would be similar to the currently running anthology comic “DC Universe Presents” with one big difference. Instead of entire arcs focusing the “second tier” characters of the DC Universe, National Comics will be all one-shot stories. My reaction to this news? National Comics could be the greatest series of all time.

Sounds like fun right? The DC Universe is filled with millions of characters and so many will never be touched upon again. In fact, it was just this week when Grant Morrison stated that the character he created in 1990, Flex Mentallo (total of 12 appearances) was 100% available for any other creator to play with. Just imagine the possibilities with National Comics. We’ll get more characters getting the spotlight that they never had or regaining the spotlight they lost. It’ll be like finding an old box of toys in the attic and realizing all over again just how fun they actually are.

I know what you’re thinking. I know what you’re saying. You’re probably screaming at your computer right now something along the lines of “You idiot! Don’t get your hopes up for this! Remember when you were excited for the possibilities that “DC Universe Presents”…presented?!” You would be halfway right, I suppose. I still think a DC Universe anthology book is genius. The book being printed now is awful and so is its reputation. I suspect that Dan DiDio and Jim Lee both know this. So what do you when your idea is great, your product is weak but your market is hungry? I’d love to take credit for this but it’s Stringer Bell that taught me to “change up the name”.

Sure, National Comics could fall into the same mess that “Presents” did. Bad creative teams, unoriginal stories, unnecessarily long plots and beyond terrible characterization all plagued that title in the short time its been with us. So allow me to explain why I think National Comics could be so amazing and so different.

Wally West. Stephanie Brown. Donna Troy. 3 great DCU characters with very vocal fans. How nice would it be just to see a simple Wally West as Flash story again? I’m not going to lie to myself and say that National Comics will be challenging Justice League and whatever crossover book Marvel has on the docket every month, but if DC is willing to publish a book with Kid Eternity starring in it, then sales are not the priority. If you could have five one shot issues featuring Renee Montoya as The Question, Wally West as The Flash, The Doom Patrol, Catman and Plastic Man, would you take it? Hell yeah you would. If that sixth issue happened to be yet another Superman or Batman book would it bother you? Absolutely not. If Bruce Wayne pays the bills so I can read a new Super Young Team or Jemm, Son of Saturn adventure then so be it. If we get interesting characters and excited creative talent then each month will be amazing.

There are two things that could stop National Comics from being the greatest comic of all time. First, the creative teams. If DC Comics doesn’t put creators on this book that are passionate and CAPABLE of telling a 20 page story featuring character x, then this book will fail. It’s all about the creative team. With National Comics being one shot after one shot they have the opportunity to snag higher profile creators for these issues. I’d put my girlfriend up for sale on craigslist if you could prove Geoff Johns doesn’t have a Stargirl story he’d love to tell. I dare you to prove that Andy Kubert isn’t dying draw another future Damian Wayne story. Gail Simone and Scandal Savage anyone? The creators have to care for the story they are telling. Nothing ruins a book faster than a team that doesn’t give a shit.

Oh that second thing that could knock this book back? Its the readers. The guys and gals that don’t preorder to let your comic shop know how much you want that title. The readers who will read a one shot about Kid Eternity and find it unamusing and never return to the book, potentially missing out on a new favorite character or creator. Let DC Comics know you want enthusiastic creators. Let DC Comics know you want certain characters. Let DC Comics know that you want this book to succeed but you won’t be tempted by any half-assed attempt. Also, Let DC Comics know that I expect a big check for all this promotion.

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DC NEW NEW Episode 30!

This is a big one folks. We’ve got three hosts this week, and in addition to covering all the issues, they go over pretty extensively – and by that I mean argue over very forcefully – the highly controversial Wonder Woman #7. You know it’s “good” when, THAT’S RIGHT, someone brings up the motherfucking Nazis. This is split into 3 parts in order for it to be easier to digest (part 3 is where all the Wonder Woman stuff is, IF YOU EVEN CARE). We’ll have it down to a more manageable size next time. Until then LEARN TO LIKE IT.


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DC NEW NEW Episode 29!

OH YEAH DEMON KNIGHTS WEEK, in which we blow Demon Knights as much as possible and say thank you. Plus, the ongoing argument about Batgirl continues – but this time we’ve switched sides! – and Batman & Robin is off the fucking chain. Plus Frankenstein is still around for better or worse. Enjoy DCNN covering the best week of the month of DC COMICS!


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